About Me

Animator. Artist. Storyteller. 

I am a proud graduate of the Game Design program at the University of Central Florida. Through my time there I've not only made some lifelong friends but I was also challenged to master my skills and better my craft. This drive to grow lead to me learning new and interesting techniques to be a great animator. I also bettered myself and got irreplaceable experience of working together with friends to build something great.

This wasn't my first foray into creating games however, far from it. I've been creating games and making art pretty much my entire life.  From begging my mom to get me RPG Maker for the PSX to piecing together the knowledge to making a Sonic Fangame on Gamemaker: the process of what goes into the creation of a video game has always fascinated me. Though, to be more specific: I was always drawn (pardon the pun) to the artistry of the animation behind video games. Making characters come to life through animation has always been my passion.

Outside of Art and Game Development: I'm a fan of playing games, mainly RPGS and Fighting Games. I'm a bit of a movie buff and an avid reader of comics. I enjoy watching sports such as Football and Hockey with friends.  Most importantly though I enjoy spending time with family, I have a ton of siblings that I always love to see.