Wake From Death

An Action Oriented Third Person Shooter

Wake From Death is a character based third person shooter created by a team of 9 students in the span of 3 Months. It features a Rotating Ability based Combat System where the player must seek power ups in world to gain different abilities which help them progress. With these powers, the player traverses through a world where Cyberpunk meets Feudal Japan filled to the brim with Deadly Robots and Rival Samurai.

I was the sole person in charge of Animation for this project. Using the models provided by the other artists: I brought the characters and enemies to life with my animations to make the world feel more dynamic. Coming in alone as an animator was definitely a challenge since I had no one else to rely on in order to get the work done. Due to this, however, I had a level of ownership on how the game looks and feels that was unique to me. I think one can see my strength as an animator through the game and it's characters.

Despite being the sole animator I had a lot of help from my leads who provided invaluable feedback and direction which helped me push my skills further. Despite coming unto the team post prototype they welcomed me and quickly got me started in the pipeline. 

Most animations were made by using custom recorded footage as a reference point. I then went frame by frame to create the animations to match the reference while adding a bit of dramatization for certain poses to make them more visually exciting. In the end the game looks situated in realism while also sporting some of the campy flare of the classic Samurai Movies. 

What I Contributed

 • Work with leads to create animations that support the aesthetic and creative vision

• Create all animations used in game such as: movement cycles, attack, hurt, and death

• Use live references to ensure realistic and natural looking animations 

• Utilize animation fundamentals to create dramatic but believable character animations

• Work with tech team to make sure animations were implemented properly and looped seamlessly

Animations -Idles

Gun Stance

Using references of soldiers handling their own firearms I did my best to create these sets of idles that, while subtle, have enough movement to make the character feel alive during static moments of gameplay. 

Charge Stance

To demonstrate the more outlandish hidden energy blade: I opted to use exaggerated movements for the activation and the 'pre pounce' stances. The blade itself was a particle effect that was added later in engine.

Animations - Movement

Charge Slash

This animation was inspired by the classic samurai movies specifically the common climatic final blow preformed by 2 dashing samurai. The exaggerated movements paired with the ending flourish really adds a sense of dramatic flair for what is generally a killing blow in game


Using custom reference videos provided: I created a series of animations for realistic but action packed movement to match the fast pace of the game.


 Using more custom reference videos provided: I created a few slower but accurate animations for the more precise movements brought from the lock on feature


Since the player character cannot jump I tried to make the animations show just how much weight the cyber-samurai had giving him a nice impact upon landing which seamlessly blends into his stance.

Animations - Damage

Taking Damage

For the damage animations I focused on the recoil to make it have a tactile impact when the character took damage. I wanted the player to feel the weight of each hit so I exaggerated the character's stagger to give it some extra force


For the first death, I again took inspiration from those classic samurai movies to have an over the top animation of the character collapsing. The alternate death animation was made using custom footage to get a realistic fall back

Gameplay Video