Sanguine Soul

An Exploration Based First Person Shooter

Sanguine Soul is an action first person shooter created by a team of 13 students in the span of 3 Months. It features a Conservation based Combat System where the player must balance their HP with their MP. Using this balance of ability and vitality the player traverses through Arabian themed levels and face off against Mythological Demons

I was in charge of Character Art and Animation. I also provided the Cutscene Illustrations, UI Elements, as well as some background elements.

Designing the enemies in this game was an interesting challenge due to the fact that: since the story was based in an Arabic setting, there wasn't a whole lot of mythology that could work for what we needed. So, we either came up with original designs or pulled what we could together to make due. Even so, the enemies ended up strengthening the game's Aesthetic as a whole. Animating them was an absolute joy and I think they make the combat both more exciting and satisfying.

The cutscenes were so stylized that the game's narrative feels like it has a unique character to it. Even though there is limited movement the story-book like visuals end up pairing with the overall aesthetic nicely. I feel like they end up tying the levels together nicely and help engage the player.

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What I Contributed

  •  Created over 5 creature animations for enemies that appear in game such as: attack cycles, death cycles, and idles 
  • Used live references to create realistic and natural looking creature animations 
  • Utilize animation fundamentals to create dramatic but believable creature animations 
  • Work with leads to design unique enemy concepts to populate the game world 
  • Illustrated the Motion Comic Cutscenes
  • Modeled extra props and background clutter to match the intended aesthetic
  • Created the UI Elements that guide the player

Golem Animations

Golem Idle Animation

 This is the idle animation for the 'Golem Enemy' in Sanguine Soul. The character has an original design and it was made to be intimidating while also fitting the game's Arabic setting. Each animation was made to emphasize this hulking creature of stone's weight so with it's idle it sort of hovers ominously as it patrols the levels.  I was responsible with designing, modeling, rigging, UVing, and animating this character.  

Golem Fire Animation

 The Golem enemy attacks the Player when they enter it's line of sight and attacks fairly frequently and quickly. Again, the weight of this character was what I wanted to focus on so while it's wind up is slow and clunky you can visually feel it's mass when it's pillar-like arms clap together with a slight bounce. The attack itself is almost piston like with how explosively it sends his arms back. That with it's slight lean creates a real sense of force behind it's movements. 

Prototype Golem Death Animation

 This animation was initially used within the game to show off the Golem's death. It's animated in a way to simulate gravity and, like the Sniper Enemy, it uses it's ease out in the form of a slight bounce when it hits the ground. This animation was removed from the final cut of the game in favor of an effect that turned each piece of the Golem into a physics object for a more varied death. 

Sniper Animations

Sniper Idle Animation

 This is the idle animation for the 'Sniper Enemy' in Sanguine Soul. The character was designed to be based off of the Falak of Arabian Legend. In legend, the snake is said to rise from the underworld so to replicate this: only the snake's upper body is shown with a particle effect being used to show it 'rising from the underworld.' I was responsible with designing, modeling, rigging, UVing, and animating this character. 

Sniper Fire Animation

 The Sniper enemy scans for the player with a visible trial of light coming from it's maw. Upon tracking the player it will fire a bolt of acidic sludge at them. When animating this: I wanted to emphasize the attack's wind up, creating a dramatic visual for the attacks delay.  I also wanted to make it look quick, like a Snake's bite. I looked up various references to give the snake it's explosive movement. 

Sniper Death Animation

 When the Sniper dies I wanted to give it a real sense of weight given it's size. There's a moment of it writhing after taking it's final hit as it desperately tries to remain standing, only to falter at the end. I put an emphasis on the ease out of the animation by adding a slight bounce to the jaw once it claps against it's skull adding more to that sense of weight. It's tongue moves dynamically with it and wilts in a way that simulates gravity.  

Gameplay Video