Prism Breaker

An Action 2D Platformer

Prism Breaker is a game inspired by the mascot platformers of old made by a team of 5 students in the span of 8 Weeks. It features multiple different mechanics such as the 'Spectrum Shift' ability that gives players the options to traverse the various levels in creative and interesting ways. The game focuses on High Velocity movement and platforming to create an exciting experience for the player.

I was in charge of the game's primary design and creative vision overall. I also provided the character art and animation, as well as the narrative. 

The characters were designed with color and personality in mind first and foremost. They not only stand out from the background but also have expressions that can be clearly read despite the fact that the game is based primarily on pixel art. Fluidity of movement was also a crucial point that was emphasized on the animation. Since the game has such an emphasis on speed I really wanted the characters to look great in motion.

Working as Creative Director provided a unique challenge that allowed me to interact with the various sections of the Game Development pipeline that I otherwise wouldn't have dealt with. As the primary designer: I got to dictate the game feel so it ended up as solid as the art direction.

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What I Contributed

  • Designed the exciting character concepts to populate the game world 
  • Drew each character in the pixel art style 
  • Animated the characters in a way that conveys personality and accurate motion 
  • Write the Art Style Guide and Game Design Document to help aid the fellow developers  
  •  Designed core gameplay elements  

Gameplay Video