Chroma the Cat

Chroma is the playable character in Prism Breaker. His sprites are inspired by the 4th generation consoles graphics but aren't limited by the same color palette restrictions. There was a focus on both the fluidity of movement and the expressiveness when it came to designing and animating the sprites 

Prism Breaker Enemies

Like Chroma, the enemies were designed with fluid motion and expressiveness in mind. Despite having a simple programming and design I tried to give them multiple frames of animation to make them visibly interesting

Jet Onyx

The antagonist of Prism Breaker. Jet's sprite sheet more so shows off the various effects and attacks he utilizes in his boss fight. Unlike Chroma he is nearly always airborne to give him a more powerful and intimidating visage.

Hero's Blade Sprites

Hero's blade was a quick project where we had to recreate the arcade classic 'Donkey Kong' The animations, due to this, had to be limited in frames in order to preserve the movement of the original game. We were given freedom to use an original aesthetic however. The characters all have the proper proportions to their parallels which influenced the overall design. In order to make the attack dynamic while maintaining the frame limitations I employed a smear effect to keep the visual interest.

Endless Runner Concept

This was the concept for a main character in a simple endless runner game. Due to the genre: most of the attention was put on the run animation. For the movement, I wanted tomake the character both lively and youthful but also ready to fight so his sword is up and ready as he dashes forward.

Miscellaneous Sprites

These are an assortment of sprites made for a variety of projects that either never took off or were just one offs. They showcase some varying levels of complexity in the details and my flexibility in a variety of different styles.

Miscellaneous Pixel Art

Please click on the image to see the full size!

These are a collected sampling of some of my more large and detail oriented pixel art. While they don't necessarily have an animation they make up for it in scale, style, and in some cases: pose to make a dynamic but retro art style.